What is Meditation?

What is meditation?? If at all you wonder what meditation is then you may just be open minded enough to give it a go.

Meditation, first and foremost is a practise, there is no destination and no goal to attain. We simply practise and explore whatever feels right and most comfortable for us. It’s an opportunity to connect with yourself and others. A moment of stillness to share. A chance to explore our inner world. The gift of being able to sit with one self. No judgement, no attachment, being present in the moment.

There are many forms of meditation which can be practised and implemented into any lifestyle. We begin to open up to the possibility that life is a wonderful experience with meditation present which benefits our wellbeing.

Whether a beginner or involved in some practise, we will guide you through techniques which will develop a strong foundation, incorporating mindfulness and principled living into your daily routine. This is a chance to reconnect and find out who you are with the support of others who share the same desire to lead a fulfilling life. Peace

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