Peddling for Peace

My name is Darren and I love cycling. I currently use cycling as my main mode of transport and I am delighted to see Hull city council investing in various cycle tracks and routes throughout the city and beyond.  The cycle is still the most efficient mode of transport; we can get to Hessle and back on just a Mars bar for fuel.  With Pedalling For Peace, I hope we can capitalise on this investment. Not only improving our own health but also by getting into the habit of cycling regularly we are doing our bit for the environment. I believe that the more people take advantage of these cycling paths; the more people will follow this example. My wish is to see less cars on the road for non-essential travel and Pedalling For Peace is my contribution to a dream of a healthier, cleaner environment.
I can still remember the freedom I felt as a young boy on my many different cycles. Not a care in the world, wind rushing into my face as my little legs pumped like pistons. My vision for Pedalling For Peace is to replicate this joy.  I have lots of ideas for the future like incorporating learning about the history of Hull whilst on our bikes. I hope to visit various destinations on the coast once with have built up a core group of members. However, ultimately, I’d love for us to come together as group and decide which direction we head in. If you’re interested in joining a relaxed cycling group, where we will stop for coffee and maybe a spot of food. Please get in touch. At the moment having your own cycle and safety helmet is a must.

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