OSHI Fitness

Well what a great question, why would you start exercising with us if it’s something you’ve never done before? Amongst numerous positive effects exercise has physically on the body It also has a huge psychological benefit, which I’m sure you’ll agree we all need a little help with from time to time! This happens by your body releasing endorphins that make you feel good and help with mental clarity. But what if i told you, you can reap all of these benefits in a place where you also get to meet a load of like minded people, going through similar sort of circumstances as yourself. A place where you can build natural relationships with people through encouraging and supporting each other in, let’s face it, a situation that’s really out of our comfort zone. Fear of doing something new is totally natural but it’s a damn sight easier when you’re in a room full of people that have left their egos at the door and have nothing but love to give.

An hour of fitness with OSHI isn’t about training to be ready for a bodybuilding competition, nor is it the place for you to prepare for an ultra marathon. Although there is nothing wrong with either of those things being your goals, we’d just suggest you put them on the back burner until the time is right. It is however a great introduction to practicing asking people around you for help when you need it. We use exercises that are designed to get you working together, helping you to build natural relationships with people you train with. The hour is designed to be able to cater for people of all levels of fitness and knowledge of training.

So why don’t you get yourself involved? We’d love to meet you! Worst case scenario you decide it’s not for you, best case scenario, you leave feeling better than you felt when you came. With the potential of gaining a few new kick ass like minded buddy’s that you can maybe even grab a cuppa with afterwards?

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